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    I want to order a custom Item,
    The custom Item I need is very similar to your SIM908 Dev Board V1 but what I need is:

    1- SIM908 module on PCB
    2- USB Interface(but micro-B Connector) with same functionality in your Dev Board (Power, UART, Flash, Debug)
    3- the Smallest Possible GPS Antenna also on same PCB (Not the one in your store as it is very big)
    4- Smallest possible GSM Antenna also on same PCB taking into consideration the affect of the two antennas on each other.
    5- Sim Card holder
    6- Rechargeable battery holder which powers the module and can be charged through the SIM908 VCHG pin (This can be out of the PCB but can be connected using any type of connector)
    7- ADC input converter from 5V to 2.3V and this converter can be disabled or enabled using Jumper or Switch
    8- A connected small MIC, I do not need any speaker just the MIC and I do not need the phone RJ connector
    9- Also the Power Button is needed anywhere on the PCB

    What I do not need from the original Dev Board
    1- No any other Pin out needed.
    2- No Antenna connectors needed
    3- No Phone RJ Connector needed
    4- No Switches needed neither for GPS UART Data Nor for USB/UART switch

    What I need in short:
    I need a full functional SIM908 module that is:
    – Stand alone module without any external connectivity.
    – Chargeable.
    – Programmable.
    – If what I ask for can not be done on 1 PCB with Maximum size of 4×4 CM . Then it can be divided into 2 PCB’s

    Would you please reply me if you can make this module and how much will be the cost /10 Pcs

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